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our approach is simple

  1. strategy - puzzle pieces



    Incorporating our background in marketing communications, we research and learn about your business and industry. We discover your needs. Then we create a plan of action. For some clients, it’s an all-encompassing digital strategic plan and for others who just need a new web site or system, it’s our site-planning documents. No client is alike, so we plan our actions around your situation.

  2. collaborate - chess pieces



    We pride ourselves on our ability to work successfully with others – internal teams, third-party vendors and agencies and often provide digital knowledge and expertise to our clients so it can shared with senior leadership. For clients with a lean staff, QSI is considered an extension of their team. We thrive in this role as it shows their trust in QSI.

  3. design - light bulb



    Before we even get to your website concepts, there's been several weeks spent meeting, planning and organizing your site map, writing the creative brief and outlining content. That way, when we sit down to review your concepts, we bring you something that's relevant. Once the home page concept is approved, we move on to subsequent page designs. We design web sites that will work for you. It's rare that what we start with is what you choose to end with, but when you're satisfied, then we've done our job.

  4. develop - sprockets



    During the development stage, we build out the website or web system or both. The length of the process has many dependencies – the approval process, the size of the project, other involved parties and more. Our account management team is seasoned in guiding you through the process and managing all the other parties and deadlines involved.

  5. test - lab beakers



    Test. Revise. Test. Revise some more. And test again. We cringe when our new clients want to limit or short-change this part of the process. Inevitably, it bites you (and us) you know where! Testing is critical. Plan on it. If you require usability testing, we’ll set that up separately. It’s a valuable practice.

  6. host - plug



    Once your site is ready to launch, QSI will set up your hosting. Our clients have trusted us to host their sites since 1998. We custom tailor our hosting according to our client’s needs and the site’s requirements. If hosting is through another provider, we will work with that provider to ensure a successful launch.