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web design

Planning is Key

Before we even start designing your web site, there’s planning involved. We spend time learning your business and understanding or guiding you on your web strategy. Sometimes, that’s all our clients want from QSI … strategic guidance and oversight of their digital solution. And our experienced team is more than capable of providing just that.

Once those steps have been completed, the creative process begins – wireframes (when required), design comps and final creative. Then we build the web site.

Built to Match

We employ the latest web technologies where appropriate. Just because it’s the latest trend does not mean that it’s the right solution for you at that time. Some clients need to walk before they run.

Our web sites are designed based on where you are now and where you want to go. We also take into consideration when we design your site who will maintain and who will host the web site. QSI hosts most of our client’s web sites, yet when we don’t, it’s important to know the hosting environment.

Last, we play well with others. If you have other vendors or agencies in the mix, we pride ourselves on being able to work successfully with other members of your web team. Ultimately, it’s all about you and your success.

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web development

We Create (Solutions)

We create some amazing custom web applications and systems at QSI. We build systems that last. That doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything to upgrade or enhance it once it’s live; it means that our systems are flexible and built for growth. It’s a process that, if done well, will reap the results you desire.

We Solve (Problems)

From clients who want to transform their internal HR process from spreadsheets to an online tool, to those who need to replace a human process with an online solution to those who just don’t know where to begin -- we do. It starts with our planning process which usually includes research (primary / secondary), strategy meetings and ultimately, a requirements document that outlines the solution in laymen and technical terms. From there, let the programming begin!

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social media

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Social Media has totally turned the Internet upside down the past few years. It's a technology that we don't expect to slow down in the near future. Fortunately for our clients, it's a communications channel that is close to QSI’s heart, as our CEO and Chief Pathfinder, Steve Lee, regularly speaks on the strategy of Social Media as well as teaches it a several well-known Dallas/Fort Worth universities.

Many of our clients leverage our expertise in social media consulting, while others use our team as a complement to their in-house social or web specialists. Here are some of the ways we can support your team:

    Social Media Management
    • Develop strategies
    • Communicate best practices
    • Set-up measurements systems and monthly reports
    • Manage content creation and engagement on behalf of your brand in the social channels where you are present
    • Regularly review that other competitors are doing and report back findings
    Monitoring Services
    • Provide guidance to your team on best practices
    • Regularly review your social channels
    • Regularly review what other competitors are doing and report back findings


smith thompson mobile site

QSI works with its clients to consult, strategize and recommend the right mobile solution. We can custom develop the mobile solution you need. Or, we can work with outside partners who might be part of your interactive team or a part of our team.

As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, we feel that businesses will recognize the importance of a mobile web site or application. We'll be there to help guide them in this decision and transition. If a unique mobile solution is needed, then we work with the client to plan and implement the right one that they can grow with.


QSI QuickBox was created from a need we saw with the many non-profit and small businesses that contact us for our services. They were looking for a professionally designed web site, yet they could not afford our custom-designed sites. To answer their call, we created QuickBox. QSI's QuickBox will let you design a web site with customizable features and a content management system in just a couple of weeks. You provide the content, we provide the guidance, and in a few weeks time, you have a live web site — all at an affordable price.